Oliver Francis

Compositor: Oliver Francis

Ey, tripping on lean with your bitch
Boy you know what it is
Rollin' and blowin' the swish'
With a blunt to my lips
I give no fuck who you with
I unload on you bitch
Unload on your clique

Purple, the color the shit that we sipping in my fucking whip
I'm in the whip with a bitch with my dick and a blunt to my lips
Fucking the bitch, with the gold on my dick and the gold on my wrist
Maybe I fuck around
Spend me a quarter million on my crib

Word around town is that Oli and cloudboys is off of this shit
Word around town is that Oli is totin' the infindo clip
Word around town is that I got the little bad beam on you bitch
Word around town if you fuck
With a cloudboy then you gon' get chipped

I know you a bitch, talkin' that shit
But when you seen Oli you didn't say shit
I'm blowin' a swish'
Killing and sippin' on drink with a bitch
All in the whip
All of my Cloudboys is still with this shit

You never seen these kicks
Boy I'm no mothafucking bitch
I don't really give a fuck
'Cause I'm with the chips
And If you fuck with the Cloudboys
You gonna get chipped
They seen that I been with the chips
And I mothafuckin' stay seen on the tip
And they come to admire my fuckin' hits
And I border the line in the fuckin' whip

Ye'en really with
Ye'en really fucking with a boy
Ye'en really talking shit
Ye'en really sayin' nothing to me
Ye'en really know I'm no homie
Ye'en really totin' no guns away, you feel me
Ye'en really feel me
Ye'en really sipping on Henny
Ye'en got bitches, I got plenty
Ye'en really getting no money
Ye'en really sayin' nothin' to me
Sayin' nothin' to me, bitch

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