Lil Syrup

Oliver Francis

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Tell these bitches tell these bitches im the shit
You dont know ollie you can eat a fuckin dick
Ive been out here gettin rich
All this money fallin while im breakin down a swish
Ive been ballin off this shit
Know this money callin on an iphone6
I ain't never gon quit
If i go broke boy i'd prolly slit my wrists
Sippin on syrup and soda you know that im pourin it loud
Bitch she be rollin my doja you know with my head on a cloud
Right in the skull better hop out im sendin her straight to the ground
Throwin a stack in the air she be watchin it all fallin down
Sippin on lean with that crown
Smokin that loud
Im comin straight for the crown
Girl what you wanna do now
I pour my ice and then we hit the town
Pourin up syrup like im finna drown
Sippin on sprite and im smokin a pound
Im smokin a pound

Bitch you know i got the juice
In the studio gettin neck in the booth
In the new adidas shoes
Two seated beamer i dont need no fuckin roof
Water chain you with the truth
Xan with the lean shit got me feelin loose
Syrup in the grey goose
Diamonds round my neck yeah
Diamonds on my neck

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